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Peeranha in next three months

peeranha is still less than a month and is doing well as a great DApp on Telos. How far would Peeranha have influenced the blockchain in the next three

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So far, I think peeranha is doing great. in the next three month, I see a lot of people and interactions in questions and answers on peeranha. a lot of community will be created on peeranha and through peeranha, many people will adopt the Telos blockchain.
I also see increase in the value of

Within 3 months, I would like to see Peeranha:

  • Surpass 1,000 users (closer to 3,000 users would be great).
  • At least 30 communities - many from outside of the blockchain world
  • More than 40 new questions per day & more than 80 new answers per day
  • PEER listed on Newdex and at least 1 other exchange
  • Outside projects using Peeranha as their semi-official FAQ

I think this would be a great first quarter for Peeranha and it can be done!

I have always said that building communities is the key to blockchain success.

Peeranha has structured itself in such a way that it captures and enhances community involvement, where blockchains like Steem have failed.

I have high hopes for Peeranha over the coming 24 months, but as for the next 3. Adding 2 new communities per week would be an excellent start. If after 3 months there were over 30 active communities, you would know you were onto something epic.


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