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Visual Marketing

We know that Telos has its official marketing account, however we have seen many impeccable designs in the ecosystem that can also be used, have you thought about a selection of the best graphics to promote telos or just take the designs of the official accounts?

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Telos is a public and decentralised blockchain Darlenys, and as such there is no official logo or image. The indigo circle and previously the acorn were merely put forward by community leaders to be the generally accepted branding. However, nobody is forced to adopt this branding.

So in answer to your question any app can use any Telos based design they feel appropriate for their app - but nobody can force them to use any particular one.


Telos can look however you want it to look:

The TLG originally created the Acorn which i now consider "the OG logo" or "Foundational Logo"

More recently the elected foundation has put forward the indigo circle and this appears to be have been adopted quickly by the community.. This will probably be the icon that takes us to mainstream adoption.

Both the old and the new have a similar meaning.. The Acorn being the seed telos was born from but also the seed for growing/creating a new world and the indigo circle representing this new big blue world that we are building upon.

Either way they are both highly representative of TLOS being the building blocks for something new.

Occasionally I have seen people choose to put the acorn inside the indigo circle to remember the old and the new at the same time. Whatever works for you!

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