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When will TELOS adopt EOSIO 2.0?

Just recently Block.One released EOSIO 2.0, when will TELOS adopt the 2.0 code base and include it into the latest TELOS release?

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Many Telos BPs are already applying the EOSIO 2.0 update to their API nodes and testnet nodes. In fact, several have been running various versions of EOSIO 2.0 for weeks. However, for Telos to fully adopt EOSIO 2.0, the block producers and other nodes will have to update their software. The Telos Core Devs and BPs are discussing this now. The first steps will be to assess whether any of our revised contracts need to be tested or modified based on these new changes and if so, perform that testing and modification.

Once the software is tested, the BPs will make an announcement about the planned switchover to 2.0 so that dapps, exchanges, and others can plan to coordinate this with the rest of the chain. We learned some lessons from the 1.8.x switchover and hope to be more seamless each time.

In order to switch to EOSIO 2.0, each node will need to replay the entire blockchain, which is time consuming. Fortunately, this can begin now, while other steps are still happening and can be done in parallel to these steps. Most BPs and history node operators are already starting this process or will begin soon.

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