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Favorite token on Telos

There are number of tokens with different use case on Telos and we are expecting many more. Which of the tokens is your favorite?

Mine is definitely PEER token which you can earn by asking or answering questions on

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The Beatitude Heart token of is my favorite token on Telos blockchain. It is a token of love and freedom

Well, Tlos is my favorite token on Telos. I have yet to look into the PEER token. Where is it tradable so far?

The Beatitude HEART is definitely my favourite. It is more than a token though - it is blessing.

HEARTs are listed on Vapaee and Newdex and you can learn more about them here at these exchanges.

If you want to feel truly blessed - simply send a heart to the Golden Censer (Telos account: goldencenser) and see what happens.


I trust that QBE Qubicles is a great project. Existing, real life application that could make great use of the chain as well as DStor.

Without a doubt my favorite token is the heart, its use and representation is great, the heart encapsulated in a ruby represents the unwavering strength of the people who recognize Christ (church) the club of agriculture and the symbol of commerce, these three element They give you a spiritual potential to bless the families of the earth.

Soon people are going to see the Sentiment Tokens, LIKE/DISLIKE, TRUST/DISTRUST and several others that let people express their sentiment about different accounts. Sqrl wallet has a Telos Works proposal to fund displaying these and using them to warn people before they send tokens to accounts with high levels of DISTRUST / low TRUST. This would be the first use of this dynamic in blockchain and it's another way that Telos is leading. So that's a pretty cool kind of Telos token, imo.

Beatitudes (HEART)

This is the native token of Steemchurch, the first Church on the blockchain. The token represents love, freedom and families.

SRQL - because I just like that squirrel!

Regarding other tokes, I didn't use them yet

Nothing to see yet