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To which chain does Sesacash belong?

Is Sesacash built on a blockchain? If yes, which one?


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Sesacash is built on the Telos blockchain, powered by EOSIO which allows feeless transactions at very high capacity and dependability. A previous version of Sesacash called Yensesa was built on another chain but has since moved to Telos.

  • Thank you for this response Mr Horn. Because you even included the blockchain history of Sesacash in your answer - I deem this to be the best. SK.

Sesacash decided to work with TELOS Blockchain, which is based on EOSIO Code but superior, due to its governance and resource management approach.

As Douglas rightly answered about, Sesacash was formely called Yensesa and was on the bitshares blockchain. Let's just saw it wasn't th best choice hence th mov to e Telos blockchain. Now it's not only fast, it is more efficient and reliable.

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