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What is Sesacash?

Whilst I have some understanding of Sesacash, I should take this opportunity to ask, what is Sesacash?

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Sesacash is multi-currency blockchain wallet that makes it effortless for Africans to spend and manage both traditional and digital currencies anywhere in the world. When you register with Sesacash you get your own crypto and traditional currency wallet that supports up to 20 traditional and crypto currency accounts. You can fund your accounts with credit/debit card, bank transfer, mobile money or crypto currency such as BTC, ETH, EOS, USDC, TLOS.

It is also free to send money from one Sesacash account to another. Users can withdraw their monies to bank accounts, mobile money wallets and the soon to be introduced Sesa debit card. The unique token economy of Sesacash allows it users to be rewarded with crypto currency in the form of cashback every time they spend using Sesacash.

The team also loves community engagement and involvement, hence the introduction of the Sesacash affiliate program where users earn passive income by referring their friends and families to Sesacash platform.

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