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How can I set my Telos Id here on peeranha?

I've noticed that in my profile, the telos id there is set by default. How can i change that to my actual telos

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Currently it is not possible to change Telos account that is mapped to Peeranha account. Telos account that you see on the settings page is the account that authorizes transactions and receives PEER token rewards.

There is an option to use an existing Telos account during the sign up process:

That will require to enter your Telos account name and active key:

Refer to this post for details on how we store your key - https://peeranha.io/faq/#section_id_1_0

Alternatively you can use Peeranha with Scatter. Sqrl wallet support will be available soon as well.

Note, that If you decide to register with your existing Telos account then all activity and reputation that you earned under current account will not be migrated to that account.

Hello Brother U.

Whilst I have not tested it...

  1. Click on your avatar.
  2. Click on settings.
  3. Click on change active key.*

This should do it.

However, you may want to ask another question first being...

'If I change my attached account, do my reputation points reset?'


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