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Suggest a new name for Peeranha

A piranha is a carnivorous fish that many people think of as vicious. Some users have pointed out that this might not be the ideal name for this site, which is about helping others and therefore deserves a friendlier name. The Peeranha team has indicated that they might still be open to a name change at this early phase, if the community comes up with something much better. (The token will still need to be called PEER.)

What are alternative names for Peeranha?
(One name per answer please so that upvoting is easier.)

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Thank you for this question Mr Horn.

In remaining true to the 'Panda' theme conceived by yours truly, I suggest:


Though 'Anha the Panda' and retaining the same PeerAnha app name, remains my first choice and submission.


Peera. Peera is short and shares some similarities with Quora, which many people are familiar with.

PeerAnswer.io (.com is taken of course)
PeerExchange.io (I can't post this separately, only 1 answer per user)

Peerhelp could be use. The .net and .social domain is available. I do like PeerPanda also.

peeripeeri (piri piri) it is a hot mixture of ingredients and chilli Powder, it is a spicy powder used in many recipes and there is a sauce name piri-piri sauce.

How about QuestionNet which would be a more generic approach.

It'd help to know what Peeranha actually means, then we can propise a suitable alternative.

I suggested "Peerspective" off the top of my head and it received some good feedback, but it might be a bit too long for a mainstream DApp.

Whatever the choice, I totally think it should have a Panda mascot!


Peer Answered Questions on Telos

(so in this case you keep PEER as token name)

Awesome answers ahead. I so thrilled myself with their suggestions. For me, I am thinking of something like:





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