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Best blockchain?

Different blockchains and blockchain projects are coming up on daily basis. Which blockchain do you think is the best in your opinion and why do you think it is the

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That would depend on what you want to do with the blockchain. I think Telos is the best publc decentralized 3rd generation blockchain by far.

From a technology perspective Telos excels with its high performance transactions per second and half second block times. But a bigger differentiator would be its very advanced on-chain governance and Worker Proposal System (WPS).

"Telos Decide" is the on-chain voting system that powers Telos governance and can be used by any developer who wants to build an app on the Telos network.

The EOSIO blockchain is my favorite for various reasons. The awesome wallets like Token Pocket and Meet One are my go to wallets due to their simplicity to use and understand even for a newbie not to mention the he endless amounts of dapps, theirs literally a dapp for everyone and everything. The one downside in my opinion is that CPU and Net is needed for every last thing you do making it impossible to do anything if you run out. beside

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