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Hi, can we know ourselves?

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It's important that we build solid communities here. Communities are built by people. Let's know ourselves. I am @uyobong on steem, Uyobong.jc on Telos. How about you

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Hi, I am Evelyn Moses from Nigeria. I am on Steem blockchain with id @evegrace.
I have a telos account ememdee.jc

I am a part of the Steemchurch family - https://steemit.com/@steemchurch

In life, I have bee bitten hard. I made mistakes, though, God's love picked me up and today I stand.

I have a life project I wish to launch on Steem @blesstheorphan and I wish to bring it to the Telos blockchain too.

I hope this community welcomes we great.

i am Engr. Edidiong Cyril feom Akwa Ibom. I am on steem blockchain with the user i.d edidiongcyril.

I am a parishioner in the steemchurch.


I believe that with God nothing shall be impossible.

Nothing to see yet