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How Can one grow his rating on Peeranha.io? What are the growth parameters?

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When I tried to like another user's question or answer, I'm told that the action can only be done when my rating reaches 35. What can one do to grow rating

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The best methods available for new users to grow rating are:

  1. Getting upvoted (5 points for question, 10 - for answer). You can be upvoted by any User who has at least 35 points.
  2. Getting your answer marked as "The best", it grants you 15 points. It's up to the User who created a question.
  3. Getting 2 points for marking another User's answer as "The best" if you are the one who created a question.

Also you can check out FAQ section to learn more about how to earn/lose rating points and other stuff :)

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