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What is Regenerative Economy?

SEEDS is a community and technology to enable a "regenerative economy" but what is a regenerative economy? Is our current economy one? What are the benefits and features?

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A "Regenerative Economy" is what happens when the sum total of human interactions within a system regenerate and heal the ecological systems in which they operate. How we would know if we are operating in a degenerative or regenerative economy is the ecological and health outcomes.

Currently we have a degenerative economy - we know this because as time passes we cause more destruction, pollution, desertification, species extinction, human illness and loss of life over time.

A regenerative economy would heal our planet, create the conditions for a thriving civilization where human health, ecological health and habit and health of all other life on our planet thrives.

To learn more about how we can get there read "A Regenerative Financial System for a Thriving Global Civilization".

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