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Where to get SEEDS app?

Does SEEDS use an app? Is it for Android or iOS? What's it called and is it safe to use?

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There are a few Apps/Dapps that exist to access SEEDS. I know of 2 - the "SEEDS Passport" and "SEEDS Wallet Lite" - as of January 2020 they are both in Alpha and work for iOS and Andriod!

The SEEDS Passport is due for a public release on the 20th of February 2020.

If you sign up to the site : Joinseeds.com then you'll get an invite when the app goes live.

Or, you can ask for an invite from a current SEEDS member!

SEEDS has a community telegram chat here.

The apps are being built by world-class security and blockchain experts - so the app should be fairly safe and simple to use!

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