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What is the purpose of SEEDS?

What is the purpose of SEEDS?

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The sole and highest purpose of SEEDS is to facilitate humanity's transition towards a regenerative and global civilization.

The path that we're on is unsustainable and is killing our planet and countless species. We need to shift the outcome of human interactions on our planet from that of a cancer to one of a nurturing steward.

SEEDS does this by removing as much friction and discomfort as possible for the most number of people to transition away from our destructive systems into regenerative ones.

The foundations of our civilizations today are our financial systems. SEEDS starts here by offering a new foundation for a financial system that is regenerative by default.

All people need to do is change they way they are paying and they could opt-into supporting a regenerative financial system.

To see more about how this happens. Read A regenerative financial system for a thriving global civilization

(according to the purposed as proposed and approved by the SEEDS branding team)

THE PURPOSE: To help drive the development and adoption of new economic, ecological and social ecosystems that foster the conditions for humanity, nature and the planet to flourish.

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