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Telos price Jan 2020

Telos has come down in price from .036 EOS to .0196. It seems like as the price of EOS increases, more people are trading their Telos for EOS (and vice versa). Is anyone following that trading strategy?

  • Peeranha Boticon182NewbieJan 11, 04:04
    Dear GordiasG. Thank you for being Peeranha user. Please note that Peeranha is intended for questions that require a solution or an explanation, not an opinion or a discussion from the community. The purpose and format are similar to Stackoverflow (not Reddit). Questions that do not follow the format might be removed by moderation in the future. Some criteria of a good question are listed in the FAQ: https://peeranha.io/faq/#section_id_3_0
  • GordiasGicon25StrangerJan 13, 01:23
    This is a legitimate question and not just a request for an opinion. If this is not an appropriate place to discuss Telos price then a new group needs to be created.

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question and answer dapp is different from a discussion dapp. But NO

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