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What differentiates Telos from other blockchain?

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We know that we are in a competitive world, there are several successful blockchain that have somehow been an example in the market, recently Telos made its brand change with an indigo circle, which represents many things, including reading that the "flourishing of humanity "We as protagonists in the real world of this ecosystem: How could we differentiate Telos from other blockchain? What would be that added value that will take us to the place we want? Will the ecosystem that can maximize individual potential be telos?

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  1. *There is no inflation for tokens on Telos.
  2. Telos is more of a network of people helping each other grow.
  3. Telos have a huge prospect.

Through it's largest and most active community SteemChurch, Telos offers hope to many millions of human beings. Hope where previously there was none.


Users or members partake in decision making on the Telos blockchain
It has a greater security!

I think that Telos is same time a Great Community and a New Cryptocurrency,but I would like know more about safe's count before comment the difference between this and other community.

For, it is the worker proposal system and the fact that everyone gets to have a say in decisions on the platform via voting!

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