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Any staking rules?

What are the staking rules?

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Ontology Owallet or O3 Labs wallet.

Stake size: 1 stake = 500 ONT
Minimum: 1 stake

Consensus round duration:
120 000 blocks

Variable between 1 and 30 seconds.

Start stake now:
Your stake will automatically activate when the next round starts. Follow the block countdown timer in Owallet or on the https://explorer.ont.io/

Cancel active stake now:
Your stake will continue to generate rewards until the end of this round. If you stake under a consensus node, you will have an additional lockup of 1 round without additional rewards or bonus.

Stake reward:
Will be shown at the end of each round inside your smart stake contract top-right of the page.

""""Locked"""": you canceled your stake and have to wait for the 2 round cooldown in order to redeem ONT back to wallet.

Bonus airdrop:
Stake all rounds in a full calendar month to be eligible for the ONG bonus airdrop.

Stake start: 414100 blocks
Round 1 start: 534100 blocks
Round 1 end: 654099 blocks
Round 2 start: 654100 blocks

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