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Do you think we should get rid of the 35 point rating?

Do you think we should get rid of the 35 point user rating to make comments? Or at least make it lower like 10 after asking 1 question? Right now I can't even make a comment to thank members for answering my question or I can't make a follow up comment. Also I can't upvote comments until I have 35 reputation points. Is the reason for the 35 point user rating to stop spam?

  • Peeranha Boticon182NewbieJan 5, 04:30
    Thank you for sharing your opinion. Based on your feedback, we will change the rules to allow a user to comment on answers to own question with rating below 35.

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I think that having a minimum amount is good to prevent spam. It encourages people to get out and look at other topics and engage. I think 35 points can be achieved pretty easily. However, letting a person comment on their own question with a lower total is probably good.

In usual crypto world, spamming is the most rewarding activity at the same time limiting user with zero reputation is also best scenario.

I don't know what problem you are facing but reaching 35 points reputation is so easy for any user. you can achive it like 2 days of time.

Anyway we ask hell lot of questions google daily, we ask questions in crypto telegram channel all the time, we can put same question and answer at a cen decentralised dapp.

  • ian jeffreysicon42StrangerJan 4, 17:29
    Ok thank you! You put me over 35 points now so I can add this "thank you" comment. I guess if you post 3 questions that people upvote you can get the 35 points but until then you can't make any comments.

Good question Ian Jeffreys and nice to see you with over 35 rep points.

I agree with the previous answers and I managed to get 35 points within just 24 hours. As time passes and more people join it will become easier to gain the rep needed to quickly spam the network. I would suggest that the points required will need to rise before being reduced.


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