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Which programming skills are required to develop for TELOS/EOSIO?

Which programming languages are required to develop smart contracts on TELOS or EOSIO? Which are the further necessary skills to build DAPP´s for the TELOS Blockchain / which are preferable?

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Most Telos and EOSIO smart contract programming is done in C++. Of course it's good to have a good working knowledge of Linux operating systems. Most dapps will need to have a front end (the app or mobile app) and that can be programmed in a number of technologies such as React, Vue, etc. Almost all of these will need node.js. Understanding the signing applications like Scatter or the eos.js libraries are good things to understand. There are some python programs like TelosPy that are good for some back end utilities. It's also common to need your own servers to listen to the blockchain and track the particular transactions that relate to your dapp, so for that, Postgres or Demux servers are good to understand.

Block.one developers of EOSIO chose to uses the very popular C++ as it programming language. So if you are familia with C++ it is not required to learn a new programming language. This is in contrast to Ethereum which uses Solidity as its programming language for smart contracts. WebAssembly (WASM) virtual machine executes smart contract code is also build onto p of EOSIO core layer. If you are interested in building on EOSIO check out this website: https://battles.eos.io/ This is a neat tutorial where you can learn how to build a blockchain based game on EOSIO.

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