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TLOS price and cost for CPU and transactions?

Since TELOS uses EOSIO software, if the TLOS token went to the price of EOS today and there were millions of transactions happening on TELOS blockchain would we have the same CPU costs as the EOS network for transactions or is there something inherently different about the TLOS resource model?

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In general, yes, it would be largely the same. There are few differences that are important though. First, the TLOS token supply is about 1/3rd the EOS supply so if both tokens cost $5 USD, you would be able to buy 3x as much with 1 TLOS as 1 EOS. This gap will increase as TLOS token supply has 0% inflation and will continue for years whereas EOS inflation is currently 5%.

Also, Telos has been taking steps to optimize the resource model as described in the TRIM Plan so that we can make CPU, NET and REX staking functional long term for a variety of Telos users (casual users, dapps, investors, power users, etc.). EOS seems to be waiting for new code from Block One that will replace the current staking model. This will be some months, no doubt, and will have its own unintended consequences as REX did and as every new innovation does. If implemented, it would end fee-less transactions through staking on EOS. Telos intends to keep this by working to optimize the current model. We have already taken several steps.

You can read more about the TRIM Plan here: https://medium.com/goodblock-io/rfc-telos-resource-improved-management-plan-c5a57b75e0cf

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