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How can telos names be claimed?

There is a possibility to bid on specific TELOS names. How can the names be claimed and what is the time frame before a name can be claimed?

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To get a special name on Telos (any name less than 12 characters) there is a bidding process. The highest bid name is won by an account if it has been the highest with no new bids in 24 hours. (see https://telos.bloks.io/namebids for one interface.)

Once a name (or namespace) is won, the account that won it may create an account with that name using the normal account creation tools (but not free account tools since it must be created by the winning account).

Once an account is created with a specific name, that account alone may create any new accounts with names that are an extension of the namespace. So if you win the name 'smith', you could create' joe.j.smith' or 'alice.smith' or '1.2.3.smith' or any other legal name ending in '.smith'

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