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What is the good thing about sqrl

what is the benefit or good thing about sqrl.. why everyone should use sqrl compared to other

  • Farcas Ionuticon124NewbieDec 25, 10:06
    I like fast transactions! Also I see you have a nice referral system but I can't find SQRL on coinmarketcap. What's the value for one SQRL?

Answers 1

The Sqrl wallet has many good functions, these are some. https://sqrlwallet.io/earn?


  • Free account creation
  • Send and receive native or custom tokens
  • Stake chips for security
  • Vote for the main block producers
  • Show balances
  • Buy and sell tokens without exchanges with a credit or debit card
  • With support for stablecoin purchases and withdrawals (for example, TLOSD)
  • Sell chips for USD and withdraw through the ACH bank or bank transfers without withdrawal limits
  • Send job proposals
  • Vote job proposal
  • Vote to choose referees
  • Live support on Telegram. Visit https://t.me/sqrlwallet
  • Administration of an unlimited number of accounts in all chains.
  • Ratify the government through trail voting
  • Available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux
  • SQRL Token Covers CPU / NET resources
  • Become a VIP Wallet Sqrl
  • Win token Sqrl for referring users
    Different VIP levels unlock functions in the wallet
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