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How can I increase my rating?

I can't like an answer. I think you need to make all the features very clear because I can't see how I can grow my rating.

Thank you!

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Users primarily increase their reputation by asking questions and posting answers that are valuable for the community. The community decides which questions and answers are the most valuable via upvoting. In addition, the user who asked a question can decide which of the answers is the best.

Reputation points are rewarded according to the following rules:

  • Question upvoted - 5 points;
  • Answer upvoted - 10 points;
  • Answer accepted as the best - 15 points;
  • Accept the best answer to your own question - 2 points.

You can see the full list of actions that impact reputation on the FAQ page - https://peeranha.io/faq/#section_id_4_1

Thank you a lot! My bad, I didn't read the FAQ.

Merry Christmas!

Especially right now while Peeranha is new, you can raise your rating very quickly just by participating. Ask and answer questions. Upvote. Things like that.

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