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Why doesnt the text of a post get stored on chain? EOS discussions has it, so is this using dstor??

Why doesnt the text of a post get stored on chain? It's not very much information and whats the point of using telos if we dont use it? EOS discussions proves it works so dont try to argue with me just change it lol

See how it is here? they just post the text on the memo of the eosio transaction


It would be nice to have an explanation of what that IPFS array does? Are the poss stored on DSTOR? hah is that how it works? That would be cool if thats whats going on here

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A dapp will always decides what stays on chain and what not. And developing on chain for a question and answer dapp is not a good idea.

lets say a kid raised a mathematical question on peeranha, he dont need it to be on chain but answer should be available faster. the economical incentives are sufficient to get it done

dstor is not out yet, dstor technology should be understood first, then it needed to be tested for commercial usage. it's better to hold your horses before experimenting with dstor. we have long way to go for it.

I love your detailed message. Also i love the answer you gave in telegram about ho we dont need to compete with stack exchange and how I can pay some PEER and use it to create questions and answers about my dapp, i just need to know how the curation will work.

(one thing thats annoying is for some reason, my spell check is missing now in this text field? )

Hey but I love this dapp and I love the idea of buying PEER to create questions and answers about a dapp.


LOl and What about Dstors?

My horses cannot be held back, too much horsepower. This analogy is over.

Ill need a report at my desk at 0 72 thousand hours, Star Fleet will be waiting.

telos Peeranha has the ability to create a long line of dapps inspired by this one, however they wont admit it. We will see Google using telos in this lean and efficient manner.

I love the analogy of a schools math problem and how just the math answer should be on chain,, like say, the answer to a geometry problem asking for a point on an eliptical curve

Anyway the telegram is very exciting https://t.me/peeranha I like the detail your giving, you could help us all writing a medium post explaining exactly how youre developing peeranha so we can use your methods in other dapps if possible. Im really liking the design as well and I hope your front end is modular , and can be lifted up and dropped down like a mobile home for dapps, id love to also just use peeranha to talk about eos dapps. so many eos dapps on newdex... each one can have a peeranha link

Imagine if every newdex page had a link to the Peeranha Discussion page, and newdex or steem-engine could show the number of Peer tokens or just number or Questions or answers that have been asked about that particular token, and the rankings by peeranha discussions can be seen , to see which tokens have the largest discussions.

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