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What is the utility of peer token ??

i just want to know what is the utility and token economics of peer

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In my eyes they can use peer tokens for a lot of interesting stack exchange style systems. People can use them for bounties and an exchange can list PEER, while advertisers who want to buy any ads on the website in the future will have to go through PEER token potentially. We can use the websites frugality, usability and profitability from ads to power peer token. Users can also buy peer for special types of posts, for reputation boosting of new users they like, to spend, to consume to boost their post. theres so many ways to use PEER but ads, and users "powering up" is a big tokenomics sink.

With only 100,000,000 M supply it can have only one utility and still be successful!

The total supply of the PEER token is 100,000,000 PEER

What is the token allocation?
60% of PEER will be created by emission and used as initial rewards to users for their contributions
20% for founders and team rewards
20% for funding
What is emission rate?
New tokens are created once per week. The maximum starting emission is 100,000 PEER per week (depends on user activity). The emission is reduced by 10% every 52 weeks.

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