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How to get ONG?

Do I get ONG for holding ONT in wallet or do I need to stake?

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There are 3 reward methods to earn ONG.

Via holding ONT (no further action needed):

  1. Normal ONG:
    HOLD any amount of ONT on a private ONT compatible wallet (https://dapp.ont.io) or supported exchange. Calculate your ROI at https://ontcalc.info
    The ONG have to be redeemed / claimed manually from your wallet.

Below are via stake authorization (take note that additional restrictions like lock periods are imposed if you choose to engage in the below):

  1. Stake ONG Reward:

Via Owallet desktop, long term lock up 500ONT per 1 Stake, earn share of the Ontology Network generated revenue. The Rewards will be distributed at the end of each round (120 000 blocks) into your stake smart contract. The ONG have to be redeemed / claimed manually from your contract.

    Stake ALL rounds crossing 1 calendar month to be eligible for receiving this bonus. The Bonus will be distributed directly into your wallet early next month.

Please take not that only the 7 nodes managed by Ontology will distribute the bonus currently. The other node owners in the top 49 nodes can choose to distribute this bonus at their discretion.

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