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What are Unbound, Claimable and Balance ONG?

What is the diffrence between Unbound, Claimable and Balance ONG?

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ONG has 3 stages:

Stage 1: Unbound ONG
It is accumulating, per generated block (1 to 30 sec) on the blockchain on the address the ONT is on.

Stage 2: Claimable ONG
It is ready to claim to your wallet.

Stage 3: Balance ONG in wallet
It is usable ONG.

Note: Any transaction either send or receive (1 ONT to yourself) will transfer the unbound into claimable ONG.
I.e From Stage 1 to Stage 2

Note 2: Press claim to turn claimable ONG to Balance ONG
I.e From Stage 2 to Stage 3

Note 3: Ontology Network has 0.01ONG transaction fee (including claim ONG).

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