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What are the benefits of holding RAM on Telos?

What are the benefits of buying and holding RAM on Telos blockchain?

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Telos RAM prices are likely to go down slightly over time, not up. This reduces the amount of RAM speculation, which really benefits no one except for a few lucky speculators while making RAM prices unpredictable for dapps and users. Telos broke this cycle that has been seen on other chains and as a result, RAM prices are quite stable. Only buy what you need is the smartest approach. It's not really a money-making opportunity.

There are not benefits. RAM price is managed by the RAM Director. It is not a good investment. Buy RAM if you need it for your account or smart contract only.

One of the main purposes of RAM is, to be able to add tokens to your account. RAM is untilized the moment you add tokens to your account, either by receiving an airdrop or purchasing tokens on an exchange.

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