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Which wallets support Telos?

Where can I find a list of wallets that support Telos?

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Desktop wallets:

Sqrl is probably best with the most features such as Telos governance voting
Scatter is also great though it doesn't allow Telos voting other than electing block producers

Mobile wallets

The Telos mobile wallet from Daniel at Telos Venezuela is the most full-featured Telos mobile wallet right now.
CoolX from EOS ZA is also quite good and Telos voting features are coming soon.

You can find links to any of these at: https://telosnetwork.io/tools/
Don't download wallets from places aside from official sites like telos.net, telosfoundation.io, or telosnetwork.io

This page will have all the wallets and exchanges https://telosnetwork.io/tools/

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