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How does Telos compare to EOS?

How does Telos compare to EOS?

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While TELOS is based on the original EOSIO code, it is superior in its governance and community engagement.

TELOS was founded without an ICO based on founding member engagement and investments. EOS had a massive IPO.

It is unique in regards to Worker Proposals and Referendums that give the community and token holders a direct impact on the development and investments performed by the Telos Foundation and position of the chain.

Eos has user engagement, just doesnt have WPS or telos foundation and its voting tokens which are really nice. But how can you say a chain is superior in user engagement when we dont even have as many users as eos yet, thats an opinion until there's some consensus on metrics about user engagement , maybe next year. OR maybe you can prove that telos users are somehow more engaged than telos? Not likely. Hows that even possible> Because they have voting for Foundation members? You can hardly call that community engagement, as EOS also has its own community governance system that doenst work as well, but they have it, and a proposal system thats just not funded. But yeah that would be interesting to see if you could prove telos has superior user engagement. Maybe its possible with Telos Foundation and Arbitrator voting records, oh and I suppose constitution voting can count as better community engagement but its more so just people engaged in their governance NOt community, maybe the proposal system counts more as a community, but the telegram even more so and its not nearly as large or engaged as eosproject but maybe its growing faster? We will see. A lot of eos users still think Telos "stole" the eos code and greymass lol, they dont get what open source or forking on github is, but thats the idea of many ignorant people in eos. Its funny that even within DPOS we cannot get along, when to the outside world like from an ethereum or ripple investors perspective, steem eos telos are all part of Larimer tech, and it upsets some people that one man can be responsible for this much blockchain activity and to have created over 3 working chains that still run on autopilot today. Incredible how Dan Larimer built all of this, and allowed people like Douglas Horn to take it even further and carve out even more of the rock into a powerful motor, while dan larimer is perhaps purposefully leaving EOS more "Raw" its very interesting if you imagine them all colluding together at the end of the day, working as one big team but they are not, this is all an organic natural process and its fascinating

lol you cant say EOS had a massive IPO there was never any IPO, it was an ethereum ICO. If you are referring to the private company Block One thats different and I dont think they had any IPO or public stock you can buy. EOS had an ICO with an erc20 on ethereum and then sold at the top right? such a good move :D Id love to see Telos worth more than EOS one day, it will prove to the world than good ideas always win out even over other good ideas lol. Like Friendster, Myspace still wasnt good enough and THEN Facebook :D

Maybe Steem and EOS were like Friendster and Myspace, and then in this metaphor, Telos will be Facebook the trillion dollar one that works on the 3rd iteration , 3rd times the charm :)

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